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This specific intervention may be necessary during the acquisition of a business or company, at a sale, or finally to inform investors about the status of the company, is to audit, legal terms, activity of the company.

In social matters, for example, we dissect the entire total employment contracts, pending litigation, documents of social collective (company agreements, internal charter ...) to make a comprehensive report on the status of risk office in the company. We define the overall audit plan to provide legal lighting you want. Your business is secured and fortified.

color-blocks-7COMPANY LAW

Company Formation Analysis of the proposed activity and determining the type of society that is of most interest to the client, Choice of form and structure of the society for providing Drafting of statutes, development of the application of incorporation with the government institution of the first contracts by the beginning of the company's business (leases, business contracts, employment contracts,...) Legal Studies and tax

Buying and selling companies,
Drafting of contracts and conveyances accessories to purchase,
agreement for sale, non-competition clauses,
Drafting cooperation agreements,

Legal assistance to companies formed:
- Increase, capital reduction,
- Mergers, transformations,
- Legal Secretariat (holding of meetings and drafting of relevant acts).

color-blocks-4BUSINESS LAW

Drafting commercial leases.
Writing any kind of contract.

color-blocks-5CUSTOMS LAW

Study and proposal advantageous customs procedures applicable to the activity envisaged by the client.

color-blocks-5TAX LAW

Heritage organization and Estates company formation and corporate restructuring mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures agreements, private equity and venture capital Tax planning for international transactions, particularly in the areas of intellectual property law (sales and purchase of patents, trademarks and other copyright, licensing and franchising)
Estate Planning
Tax advice for companies and individuals


General administrative litigation.

color-blocks-5REAL ESTATE

Tips for the acquisition and transfer of immovable property Sale of properties in HAITI

color-blocks-5LABOUR LAW

The firm has extensive experience with employers and employees on all aspects of employment law in particular:

  • Negotiation and drafting of employment contracts.
  • Company regulations.
  • Working conditions.
  • Social Insurance.
  • End of contract / labor relations.
  • Drafting of employment contracts.
    Dismissal law

color-blocks-5CONSTRUCTION LAW

The firm advises all participants in this sector both in Switzerland and internationally including the owners, promoters, off-takers, operators, governments, utilities, regulatory agencies, consortia, investors, lenders (including international financial institutions), borrowers, investment banks, architects, engineers, contractors and subcontractors.

color-blocks-5FAMILY LAW

Matrimonial law.
Separation / Divorce / Adoption.
FOREIGN divorce

color-blocks-5CRIMINAL LAW

Client's defense to the criminal courts The firm deals with all: to people about the life and physical integrity (homicide violence, assault ,..), property (extortion, blackmail, ...), liberty (arrest, detention, .. ), dignity (harassment, discrimination ,..), honor (insult, defamation, ..) to the authority and public security (corruption, illegal taking of interest, ..) to public faith (false, false money ,..), of the public trust (terrorism, sabotage, ..) employment law (tort of interference, illegal ,..), work with all: to people about their lives, murder, murder or manslaughter, as to their physical, violence, assault, torture, risks caused to others, in danger, neglect, various obstacles, about their sexuality, rape, sexual assault, harassment, exhibition, soliciting, with to liberty and security of people, ...

Also: arrest, false imprisonment, threats conditional indifference to the fate of others (not assist a person in danger), culpable (arson), damage to reputation of the person (insults, defamation), damage to the privacy or confidentiality (privacy of privacy, secrecy of correspondence, inviolability of the home), with the family (family abandonment) and exercise (parental), with minors (neglect and endangerment of minors), property offenses (theft, handling stolen goods, extortion, blackmail, fraud, embezzlement, destruction, degradation), violations of labor law (illegal work and illegal obstructionism, health and safety ...) violations public security (terrorism, espionage, treason), with the public authority (corruption, unlawful taking of interest, contempt, rebellion), with the truth court (perjury, false accusation), damage to public confidence ( and use different fake, counterfeit money, forgery and theft different) criminal cases criminal liability of officers, misuse of corporate assets, bankruptcy, liquidation etc..


Our firm defends its customers with both administrative and judicial institutions, civil, administrative, criminal.