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Rates per hour : 250 U$

Development opportunity by RETAINER. Indeed, the firm favors the establishment of long-term relationships with its customers and, in this context, often proposed the establishment of annual subscriptions.

LEBLANC & ASSOCIES Pro Bono promotes activities for the public good, in any form whatsoever.

Our lawyers are well aware of the idea of ​​devoting the good of others, voluntarily and freely, a certain part of their time. Thus, LEBLANC & ASSOCIES offers free advice to individuals and communities in need, poor, marginalized and disadvantaged, and who would not otherwise have access to legal assistance, the idea is to promote equal access to justice and equal treatment before the law.

LEBLANC & ASSOCIES also supports various forms, either financial or time, organizations representing the interests of people suffering, poor or disadvantaged.

The firm also provides for reduced fees, legal services to individuals or organizations working for the collective good.